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Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is a pre-Columbian Maya archeological site in Chalchuapa, El Salvador.

The site possesses several pyramids dating to the Late Preclassic period (500 BC – AD 250) and the Classic period (AD 250–900). This ruin is part of the Chalchuapa archaeological zone and displays influences from the Olmecs and from Teotihuacan. It is closely related to the ruins of Tazumal and San Andrés.

The government purchased the park in 1977 and it was given the name of the coffee plantation upon which it was situated.

There are many pyramids at Casa Blanca but only two have been partially restored. Casa Blanca is located in the department of Santa Ana. The Casa Blanca has been closed to the public and is undergoing restoration work; it has a site museum with exhibits that include Maya ceramics and other artifacts. The window of Casa Blanca is an excavation where the ash from the eruption of the Ilopango volcano can be seen.

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